8th - 14th March 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 17:45

Shorts: Dear Mommy

Screening of shorts and the documentary Muttererde

Location & Time: CRCLR House - 17:45

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Event Information

The mother, a role inevitable for women on screen. Sometimes loving and nurturing, sometimes evil, sometimes problematic and often more of a supporting role without a name, whose only function is to be the mother of the main characters, often our mothers are not credited enough. A mother is also a symbol of home, of heritage and a symbol of all life in form of Mother Earth. This program is dedicated to the women* before us, mothers, matriarchs and grandmothers. The main film of the program, Muttererde / In Search of My Mother’s Garden is a beautiful piece that gives voice to Black femmes and their matriarchs.


Muttererde/In Search of My Mother’s Gardens / 2017 / Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor /Germany / 45 min

Under Mom’s Skirt / 2017 / France / Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix / 12 min

Aqua Mamas / 2017 / Denmark / Zara Zerny / 28 min

Eye Test / 2017 / Sudha Padmaja Francis / India / 15 min

Grandma Loleng / 2016 / Philippines / Che Tagyamon / 8 min

Location & Time: CRCLR House - 17:45

Screening Duration: 106 min

Tickets available online here