8th - 14th March 2018

Grandma Loleng

Che Tagyamon - 2016 Philippines - 8 min

A young woman goes back to her province in the countryside where she once again meet Grandma Loleng, a senile relative and Christmas lantern artisan. together, they’ll explore Grandma Loleng’s landscape of memories, only to unearth her deepest wartime experiences. It is about memory and forgetting, both in the context of the personal and of the national consciousness.

Director: Che Tagyamon

Che Tagyamon is a 21-year old filmmaker and animator from the Philippines. Her short film Mumu (Ghost) was awarded Best Picture in the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2015. Her animated thesis film Lola Loleng (Grandma Loleng) has been screened at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival and at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film festival to name a few.