8th - 14th March 2018

Swarm of Selenium

Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka - 2017 Canada - 23:10

In the surreal dystopian present, a group of friends cohabit the shells of an abandoned malt factory. As a troubling pattern begins to emerge from their mouths in the form of shattered glass, all are shaken, but some are hit harder than others. Through dance, visual work, and anti-work, they merge forces to try to care for one another and combat the insidious violent process which seems to increasingly come from within.

Swarm of Selenium is a short sci fi film about collective healing, trauma, and other world-making. It was shot in Berlin in spring 2016 by a crew of more than 40 women, nonbinary and trans artists.

Watch the trailer:

Director: Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka

Maude Matton is a French-Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal who was born in the doom days of 1992. They studied film theory and gender studies at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, but their artistic practice was mostly influenced by skill-sharing and collaborative approaches with other queer women and trans artists and friends. They are one of the founding members of The Glass Collective and co-created Swarm of Selenium as part of an artist residency at the feminist art space District in Berlin.

SJ Rahatoka is a director, playwright, actor and interdisciplinary performance creator based in Berlin. Their work combines a reflection about personal, political and spiritual empowerment with movement, theatre, music and video. SJ was born in France in 1986 and studied literature and acting in different countries (France, Austria, Germany, Canada).

They are also a member of The Glass Collective and co-created Swarm of Selenium. SJ is currently in tour since October 2017 with their new play The Beginning of Our Endless Love.