8th - 14th March 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 20:00


Screening & panel discussion

with director Lindsey Averill and local activists

Location & Time: CRCLR House - 20:00

Tickets available online here

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Body and fat shaming are commonplace in popular culture. Although fat activism has risen in the last few years, thin is still the sought-after ideal and being fat is not only connected to stigma and ridicule but also discrimination on the employment market. Fat activists around the globe fight to take back their bodies.

This program is dedicated to fat rights, after the documentary screening, we will hear from the director and local activists in a panel discussion on fat bodies, media and public discourse.


Fattitude is a feature length documentary that exposes how culture – particularly media culture – encourages weight bias and then offers alternative ways of thinking that embrace body acceptance at all sizes. Informed by a post-modern, post-colonial, feminist background, Fattitude is very conscious and attentive to the idea that fat hatred crosses the lines of race, class, sexuality and gender. The film features a diverse variety of voices such as academic scholars, activists, hollywood types (directors, writers and actors) and psychologists, including the likes of Rebecca Phul, Jackson Katz, Marilyn Wann, Sonya Renee Taylor, Virgie Tovar, Jen Posner, Lindy West, Ricki Lake, Winne Holzman, Guy Branum, Tess Munster, Andrew Walen and many others.

Panel discussion with: 

Lindsey Averill – director of Fattitude – completed her M.F.A in Writing from Emerson College and is A.B.D in the Comparative Studies Ph.D. Program at FAU. The focus of Lindsey’s research is feminism, fat civil rights and the representation of fat bodies in popular culture. Lindsey’s writing and social critique has appeared on CNN.com, xojane, Time.com, The Huffington Post, Alternet, Refinery29, Bustle and other media outlets.

Magda Albrecht – is an author, blogger, activist and musician, who has recently published the book “Fa(t)shionista – Rund und glück durchs Leben” (2018). She is a well-known name is the German fat positive sphere.

Mäks Roßmöller – fat and nonbinarity activist, psychologist, systemic therapist in training, somatic practitioner and creator of Reframe Fat – Reclaim Movement! A somatic empowerment Workshopseries for queer bodys of size.

Natalie Rosenke – is a web designer and freelancing artists. Since 2013, she has been the chair woman of the association “Gesellschaft gegen Gewichtsdiskriminierung e.V.”. She mainly works with issues of anti-discrimination, fat rights, changing body images and political art and is a sought-after expert in the area.

Watch the trailer:

Location & Time: CRCLR House - 20:00

Language: English

Screening Duration: 2 hours

Tickets available online here