8th - 14th March 2018



Paula Mozen - 2018 United States - 01:02:21

“I am sorry, but you have breast cancer.”
In the United States, one in eight women will hear these shattering words in her lifetime.

LIFE INTERRUPTED, a documentary feature film about breast cancer, intimately chronicles the lives and experiences of three unique survivors–including the filmmaker herself–from diagnosis through treatment, and life beyond. Assumptions and myths about the disease and prevention are explored, as each woman continues on with cancer treatments including chemotherapy, lumpectomy and bilateral mastectomy, to fight for their lives.

These women are confronting a life-altering diagnosis and they respond to their disease process and the rebuilding of their lives with honesty, dignity, humor and grace.

More about the film and the project here: http://lifeinterruptedfilm.com/

Director: Paula Mozen

Paula Mozen, is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, educator, and PBS consultant who was twice diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008 and May 2011.
Her treatments included: 2 lumpectomies, 38 weeks radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and a bilateral mastectomy in January 2012 with reconstruction.

She has served on the film faculties at Towson University in Baltimore, Montana State University, and San Francisco State University.

Ms. Mozen has received funding from: The National Public Broadcast System, MacArthur Foundation, GAP Foundation, Komen Foundation, The Berkeley Film Foundation, The Montana Film Commision, National Asian American Television Association, Levi Strauss, Greater Montana Foundation, Mental Insight Foundation, Pioneer Fund, SEGA, Montana State University and Towson University