8th - 14th March 2018



Guen Murroni - 2017 United Kingdom - 10:00

Fee is out celebrating with her friends, but a voice from the past keeps plaguing her. Escaping the pub for a breath of fresh air, Fee comes across a church and follows her impulse. As her heels echo in the silence of the cathedral, that voice, the person who has rejected her all her life appears.

Director: Guen Murroni

Guen Murroni is an award winning writer and director. Once of her recent projects “Food for Thought” won YDA Cannes Lions 2016, Best Young Italian Author at Venice Film Festival and Best Screenplay at Rome Creative Contest.

After working in production, she is now fully dedicated to her creative career. 2017 is the year for feature development alongside directing.

Her short “Fee”, starring Munroe Bergdorf, was semi-finalist at Screen Craft Production Fund 2016 and is currently in post-production. Whilst her other film "Playground" has been invited to BAFTA qualifying festival "Underwire" in London along with a Best Acting Nomination.