8th - 14th March 2018

An other mountain

Noémi Aubry and Anouck Mangeat - 2017 France - 82 min

In Turkey, there is a proverb that says, “If one of your eyes is crying, the other one can’t laugh”. In the east, it is Turkey’s Kurdistan. In the east, curfews, blockades, Turkish army’s occupation. It is a peace that that one hopes for, but that never comes. It is women in the mountains, rising up, with weapons.
Burcu and SInem live in Istanbul with this crying eye. They are going to meet with Ergül, in a little village in the Black Sea region, who participated in the revolutionary struggles of the 70’s that were stilled by the military coup of 1980.

They’ll exchange their political organizations as women and a lot of ‘çay’ (translation of cay). Times are crossing but there is still war, repression and daily violence against which they’re standing up. Kurds, mothers, feminists. There’s resistance and solidarity in their words, their steps, their screams, in the rhythms of their erbane (percussions) against nationalism, war, and patriarchy. That’s another mountain, that they are climbing every day. Bese, Bese, Bese ! Enough, Enough, Enough!

Director: Noémi Aubry and Anouck Mangeat