8th - 14th March 2018

Amber Blue

Hong Anh Nguyen - 2017 UK - 10 min

Blue invites her mother Amber to a baby shower that her and her pregnant wife are throwing. When Amber assertively declines, the atmosphere boils over only to reveal the truth about their peculiar relationship.

Director: Hong Anh Nguyen

Hong Anh Nguyen is an Edinburgh and Frankfurt based theatre and film director. Focusing on the intersection between moving images and performing arts, she is particularly interested in the voices of underrepresented minorities, cultural and generational tension – themes embedded in her upbringing as a queer Vietnamese girl in Germany. She currently studies theatre and film at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Hong Anh has been involved in numerous films as a director, assistant director and editor. During her time in Scotland she has directed several short plays such as Transition, Things We Should Have Said, Facades and With You. Hong Anh has been a curator for the Edinburgh Moving Arts Film Festival and is also the co-founder of Round Frames Film and Photography.