8th - 14th March 2018

21st Century Woman

21st Century Woman

Reeta Varpama - 2017 United Kingdom - 2:30

Influenced by the 1960’s documentary ‘Women of the World’, Dick S.R. Summen revisits the world of women today to share his insights with those less informed. In a society where his attitude is publicly frowned upon, yet not uncommon, he stalks his prey and reveals her from his narrow perspective. His efforts to get close and capture it all won’t be hindered, with or without her permission.

Director: Reeta Varpama

Reeta is an emerging Director who's built a successful freelance career as an award-winning Editor. Her work ranges from narrative film, documentary and broadcast TV to high-end corporate video.
Reeta’s headline achievements start with short films 'Untethered' and '6 Artists Walk into a Physics Lab' made for Channel 4’s Random Acts commission, music video 'Control by Hazel English' reaching 70K views on YouTube and completing various post-production work for feature films 'Starfish', 'The More You Ignore Me' and 'Rise of the Footsoldier 3'.
Reeta also edited and colour graded horror comedy 'Toll Booth' which was selected to screen at the BAFTA-qualifying Leeds Film Festival and has so far won five festival awards.

Her other works have been screened at the likes of Los Angeles Cine-Fest, Shriekfest LA, Cambridge Film Festival and Music & Drama Education Expo.