8th - 14th March 2018


Annique Delphine - Germany - 2016

PLETHORA is about female sexuality and it’s subordination in a world ruled by patriarchy.

It was born out of my own feeling of powerlessness stemming from the judgement and the expectations that are being put on me just because I’m a woman.

I am supposed to be sensual and beautiful, young, fresh, soft, smooth, preferably untouched…my value being defined by how pleasing to all the senses I am and how scarcely I have been letting others enjoy this.

My own needs and desires ignored.

I feel like this is very similar to how we treat flowers. I see a lot of parallels on how they are objectified, displayed for our pleasure and given a limited limited purpose.

This is suffocating! To objectify us is to dehumanize us.

The way the white substance moves and engulfs everything is exciting at first glance. It may awaken a desire inside of you, a craving, lust, wonder…but it is it’s plentifulness that is turning it into a force of destruction. The same way male dominance imposes it’s power over everything.  This film reflects the current state of sexist oppression. What are we going to do to dismantle it?”

-Annique Delphine

Director: Annique Delphine