8th - 14th March 2018


Puck Verkade - UK - 2016 - 5 min

Puck Verkade’s video works are composed of an irrational and associative combination of found footage, sampled pop music, low res animations and personal recordings. Their fast paced visual narratives resonate a struggle with the definition of psychological, physical and political borders. Central to this work is the scrutiny of gendered and racialised bias within immediate social surroundings and interpersonal situations that are close at hand. By posing as the protagonist, the director functions like a probing tool that interacts candidly with my subjects to explore the repercussions of recording in public space. With the use of humor and self- mockery, the aim to take a conflicted position towards the reproduction of social stigma, through the notions of different modes of capture and tropes of contemporary visual culture. 

Director: Puck Verkade