8th - 14th March 2018

Jutta Mind

Marit Shalem - The Netherlands, 2015 - 17 min

The video work Jutta Mind is sketching a female super-hero. Jutta Mind has the ability to simultaneously divide her time in between being a factory worker to performing actions as a super hero in a second dimension. She has an important goal to fulfill: rescuing the P Machine – the Production Machine from the hands of her own employer, Dey Driest and his company D-Ent. This P Machine, half organic- half mechanic creature is sick and endangered. A group of refugees are joining forces with Jutta Mind. Together they are about to pass through the mirror border heading towards the so called Productive Hyperspace.

The work Jutta Mind combines the contribution of actors with objects, props and digital manipulation. The Mise en Scene is presented as a ’stretched’ situation in a delay or avoidance of cinematic action. Meanwhile the soundtrack is following the regular pace of a film.

Director: Marit Shalem