8th - 14th March 2018

Friday, March 6, 2015 - 20:00

2015 Berlin Feminist Film Week Opening

Screening / Panel Discussion / Party

Location & Time: Hallesches Haus - 20:00

Tickets available online Eventbrite" >here

Event Information

On March 6th we will open the doors to the second edition of the Berlin Feminist Film Week, the program on the opening night will include a panel discussion, a film screening and DJS&drinks. We hope that you all want to come celebrate the fact that our feminist film week has got enough support to make round 2 and hopefully for more years to come!

We will be starting the evening at 8 pm at Hallesches Haus with a panel discussion about women in film followed by a short film program. Afterwards we hope you want to stick around for a beer or a drink and a chat as our DJ will serve us the best of female artists.

Panel discussion: Women and film

Alexandra Georgi, WIFT Germany 

Bettina Schoeller-Bouju, Pro Quote Regie

Sophie Rieger, Die Filmlöwin

Isabel Šuba, filmmaker 

Short film program

Spring / Tania Claudia Castillo / Mexico / 2014 / 16 min

Bad at dancing / Joanna Arnow / USA / 2014 / 11 min

Girl Power: All dolled up/ Sarah Blout Rosenberg / USA / 2011 / 24 min

Needle / Anahita Ghazvinizadeh / USA / 2013 / 21 min

Flying Solo / Leslie von Press / 2015 / USA / 8 min

Pussy Have the Power / Lovisa Sirén / Sweden / 2014 / 15 min


DJ Zimt


Johanna Maierski

Isabel Seliger

Video Art

María Papi / La Caracola

Gilivanka KEDZIOR


Berivan Sayici / Por No


 Tickets available online and at the door. 

Location & Time: Hallesches Haus - 20:00

Screening Duration: 120 min

Tickets available online Eventbrite" >here