8th - 14th March 2018

Beyond Dreams

Rojda Sekersöz’s feature-film debut delivers a much-awaited women power punch. The gang’s friendship and dreams are put to the test when Mirja comes out after […]


Fourteen-year-old J goes by the pronoun ”They” and lives with their parents in the suburbs of Chicago. J is exploring their gender identity while taking […]


Fattitude is a feature length documentary that exposes how culture – particularly media culture – encourages weight bias and then offers alternative ways of thinking […]

An other mountain

In Turkey, there is a proverb that says, “If one of your eyes is crying, the other one can’t laugh”. In the east, it is […]

What Metal Girls are into

Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

The Green

When 10-year-old bffs Cherry Cake, Starla, and Franny find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they decide selling the greenery to […]

I am not a witch

After a minor incident in her village, nine-year-old Shula is exiled to a travelling witch camp where she is told that if she tries to […]


JUCK is a 17-minute film which is a hybrid between documentary, dance and fiction. The film depicts the all female dance group JUCK who made […]

Amber Blue

Blue invites her mother Amber to a baby shower that her and her pregnant wife are throwing. When Amber assertively declines, the atmosphere boils over […]


In this exploratory visual hybrid between documentary reflections and fiction we get to follow three young girls whose everyday life is filled with violence and […]

Statement after my poet husband’s death

The film portrays the emotions of a recently widowed woman who’s having a feeling of deliverance after the death of her poet husband.

More Love. Less Prepackaged Bullshit.

Set to the soul beat of Assata Shakur, a trio of black transwoman, brown genderqueer person and a white queer cis man resist dystopia with […]

Eye Test

Eye Test

Eye Test is a short fiction film delves into the mindscape of the 27 year old Nivedita when she visits an eye clinic for a […]



A new animated micro-short film by Sara Koppel – Naked Love Film A rush adventure into a gender fluid-persons zone of desires. Where lust & […]

21st Century Woman

21st Century Woman

Influenced by the 1960’s documentary ‘Women of the World’, Dick S.R. Summen revisits the world of women today to share his insights with those less […]

American Asian

American Asian

Flustered by confusing ethnic labels, Diana takes her brother to visit their childhood home as a way to define who she is. At the house, […]



Shay Knox and Mahx Capacity are two of the hottest femmes we know. They nerd out about the complex joy of fat femme sex and […]

Handmade Film

Handmade Film

Handmade film is a rarely practiced craft in today’s film industry. Lindsay McIntyre spends three days making the film emulsion she shoots on than develops […]

I'm Not Sure Today

I’m Not Sure Today

An anxiety ridden woman is about to attend her ex’s wedding, but becomes caught up in her own fears of being incomplete, she shares a […]



“I am sorry, but you have breast cancer.” In the United States, one in eight women will hear these shattering words in her lifetime. LIFE […]


with vegan breakfast

In a vibrant and diverse Johannesburg community, 21-year-old Afro-hipster Ayanda has a knack for taking neglected pieces of furniture and “bringing them back to love”. […]