8th - 14th March 2018

Berlin Feminist Film Week 2017 – Opening: An ode to the WG

Q&A with Mixed Messages-creators Kanchi Wichmann and Nadja Krüger

The Berlin Feminist Film Week 2017 will open with the German premiere of Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut feature film “In Between”. Set against the backdrop of […]

Feminist cinema: Tel Aviv – Berlin

A collaboration between Berlin Feminist Film Week and Kinoclan, ensemble promoting films about the feminine experience as seen through women’s eyes, has produced an evening […]


A documentary on depression and anxiety disorder

Trauma connected to migration, upheaval of the safety of a well-known home and the alienation in a new country are some of the reasons why […]


A pitch black, wryly British comedy from the mind of Alice Lowe (SIGHTSEERS, HOT FUZZ, PADDINGTON), PREVENGE follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing […]

Feminist shorts: Consent

Films included in this program: Pol Penas – Temps d’Écoute Kelly Gallagher – Do You Want to Go for a Drive? Mona El-Naggar – Ladies […]

Feminist shorts: Parenting

This short film program consists of 6 short films from France, Mexico, the UK and the US dealing with parenting and the upbringing of children. Films […]

No Kids for Me, Thanks!

The social stigma of rejecting motherhood

Once you hit your 30s, or late 20s even, you will be starting to asked the question: “So when are you going to have kids? When […]

Witching Feminist Friday

THE WITCH WITHIN - interactive ritual and performance

The intersection of witches and feminism go long back. The witch has long been a symbol of fear and the witch-hunts resulted in mass persecution and […]

The learning identity – The leading body

Sarah Balzat is a dancer and dance teacher who uses philosophical approaches and the complexity of movement to re-define stereotypes, beauty concepts and to create […]

Fairytales and Cake

Cake & Fairytales

In our Saturday noon talk “Cake&Fairytales” screenwriter Antonia Roeller will give us an introduction to how women are portrayed in fairytales and Rosa Negra Vegan Catering […]

Queer shorts

Films included in the program: Kelly Gallagher – More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters Tarek Lakhrissi – diaspora/situations Sasha Pezenik – I Am Her Francy […]

Feminist Voices for the Earth

and lecture with Mónica Velásquez

The dichotomous approach Nature – Culture: the set of paradigms that place the human being at the center of all processes and separate it from […]

Strolling with Cecile Emeke

Strolling with Cecile Emeke

Connecting the scattered stories of the black diaspora

Cecile Emeke is a contemporary filmmaker based in London. Through her lens, Cecile Emeke has created her own unique platform by connecting the complex voices […]

Slight discomfort 1.

by Julia Lübbeck

“Beyoncé has currently shared her deep worries with ELLE magazine whether “people know or understand what a feminist is”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Meanwhile Petra Collins, one of the main […]

Below Her Mouth

April Mullen decided to shoot Below Her Mouth with an entirely female crew, a decision in total support of the female gaze. Below Her Mouth is […]

ZYKLUS1 by Joanna Gröning

Joanna Gröning will present her art project ZYKLUS1. The project ZYKLUS1 by Joanna Gröning has been developing over the past 25 years. Ever since puberty […]

Experimental Films

Test Shooting / Maria Kapajeva / UK / 2016 / 12 min Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye / Ilona Sagar/ UK / 14 min […]

Feminist shorts: Struggles

Films included in the program: Kerem Blumberg – One Last Night Noa Gusakov – Lookout Cleo Samoles Little – KNOCK DOWN GINGER Tanja Egen – […]

Dangerous activism

Stories from China, Iran and Germany

This program will give you insight into being an activist in China, Iran, Somalia and Germany as we have invited three human rights activist to […]

Feminism on two wheels

With its introduction from the end of the 19th century, the bicycle served as an important marker for female independence. This program celebrates the significance […]


A pitch black, wryly British comedy from the mind of Alice Lowe (SIGHTSEERS, HOT FUZZ, PADDINGTON), PREVENGE follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing […]

Berlin Feminist Film Week 2017 – Official Closing Party

Join us at ACUD on March 14th for our official Berlin Feminist Film Week closing party! After a week filled with films, workshop and discussions […]